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Consultations and service

SIA ADI provides free as well as fee based consulting on the following tasks and topics:

  • motion control solutions locally and on a larger scale
  • solutions for local motion control device management, wireless remote control, management with a variety of machine-readable identifiers, direction change motion etc.
  • access control solutions
  • non-standard solutions for Access control systems
  • contact and contactless card usage for a variety of tasks
  • optimal contactless card type choice for a particular task
  • card usage for the development of a variety of identification and reporting document systems
  • data collection solutions for the applications of identification (ID) documents/cards
  • document personalization system maintenance
  • non-standard solutions for various process and equipment management by using microelectronics and microcontrollers
  • low-speed data exchange solutions
  • electronic equipment design and production in small series

SIA ADI has experience in various system maintenance and support. The largest service contracts are/have been on:

  • data acquisition and personalization system maintenance for drivers licences, learners permits and small vessel drivers licenses
  • passport personalization system maintenance and support.
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