Development services

ADI has gained experience in implementation of different non-standard technical solutions, starting from interface align devices to finished equipment and systems. We provide electronic equipment design and production, as well as software development. The implemented projects cover a wide range of spectrum.

Stand-alone access controls system

The stand-alone card access control system developed by ADI has its second generation now.

Time monitoring system with the result display and printing

It monitors the time spent by the participant at the slope, displays the result and prints the receipt. The system can be used in sports and entertainment industry.

Driver (DLL) RFID for including the readers in user's system

Programme library RFID for managing the reader, with a convenient interface for the user. It allows simply supplement the customer tracking system with RFID technology.

ATM access control

Ensures a person’s access to ATM with a bank card during night hours and holidays.

Galvanic isolators for various interface buses:

  • RS232
  • RS422
  • RS485

Ensures galvanic isolation of separate equipment improving equipment compatibility and protecting its separate units in case of damage.

Most often we connect them between the control computer and remote operational devices.

Interface converters and signal repeaters for different interface types:

  • RS232
  • RS422
  • RS485
  • LAN
  • USB

It allows connecting devices working in different standards, as well as extending the interconnected cables.

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